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myLoc managed IT AG extends its product portfolio with managed storage solutions

Düsseldorf, 8th April 2019. Have you ever thought about setting up your entire data infrastructure in a self-managing way? New storage solutions could be the solution for you. The myLoc managed IT AG offers individual storage solutions in close cooperation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and manages both the hardware and the operating software for its customers.

A HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage is designed for high loads. With more than 3 million input/output operations per second, this solution is ideal for your midrange and enterprise deployments. What's more, there is hardly any delay, let alone loss of data flow, because meticulous attention has been paid to keeping latency below 1 millisecond. Whether it's just a few terrabytes or well over 20 petabytes, this system manages everything autonomously. Should unexpected workloads arise, the intelligent data storage system acts accordingly. A data availability of 99.99% ensures security and stability. The Memory Driven Flash developed for this purpose, accelerated by NVMe storage units, ensures that mixed loads are handled with confidence.

As a further solution myLoc managed IT AG also offers the new HPE Nimble Storage from the Managed Storage product series. Similar to the 3PAR, the data storage system here is also based on flash memory. However, the focus of the Nimble Storage is different. As the name suggests, this solution is designed for flexibility, scoring points with predictive competence and the best possible app stability. Disaster recovery is also available and in the worst case still provides a backup of lost data. In addition, the HPE Nimble offers a "multi-site synchronization", whereby the main server receives a backup at another location up to 15 km away. This means that, even in the event of a complete failure of the data centre or a local natural disaster, your data would still be safe. In addition, Nimble Storage is able to solve up to 86% of all problems before they are even transmitted to the administrator. This ensures that you spend less time maintaining your storage servers.

The Managed Storage product portfolio is rounded off by the HPE SimpliVity infrastructure, which is able to bring several devices under one roof. To further increase performance, the scalability of the storage capacity has been increased. As a result, the number of inputs and outputs has been reduced, resulting in higher performance. If you need to work on multiple devices simultaneously or time-shifted, HPE SimpliVity's fast deduplication and compression is perfect for moving your data packets across all your devices. You are provided with a central user interface with which you can control and manage all actions. Furthermore, SimpliVity can "pool" your resources and distribute them accordingly when needed. Should an unexpected workload arise, the resources can be relocated accordingly. SimpliVity also offers some comfort in the area of convergence. Thanks to the integrated data protection, deep integration between hypervisor and applications, data can be backed up and restored with a few clicks.

"These innovative storage systems from Hewlett Packard Enterprise are the ideal solution for our managed hosting customers. With new technology, combined with autonomy, speed and undisputed intelligence, we offer, in close cooperation with HPE, a solution that will enrich your system with efficiency and reliability," explains Christoph Herrnkind, CEO of myLoc managed IT AG, the strengths of the new managed storage offering.

The storage solutions are provided in our own myLoc data centres. Here customers can also use geo-redundant scenarios for their storage solutions. In addition, our data centres are ISO 27001 certified, have state-of-the-art air conditioning systems and a UPS.

Picture material can be found here: https://www.myloc.de/en/company/download.html

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