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Virtual Infrastructure Platform as Private Cloud for companies

Düsseldorf, 17th July 2019. To celebrate the anniversary of myLoc managed IT AG, we present a new product in cooperation with Virtuozzo: VIP (Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform) hosted by myLoc. From now on you can buy the new VIP products in different versions on myloc.de.

The VIP products are the result of several years of cooperation between myLoc managed IT AG and Virtuozzo, which are hosted exclusively in myLoc's German data centres. Simple virtualisation environments, adapted to your needs, as a hardware and software combination from one source. The differently scaled products can be easily adapted to your wishes and your costs remain calculable. Data priority according to your wishes.

Our employees on site will implement your ideas for you. A special main feature of the VIP products is the use of "Hot and Cold Nodes". These can be adapted within the management structure in order to place important - e.g. business critical - data with quick retrieval requirements on a "Hot Node" and distribute all others to "Cold Nodes". This keeps the delay low and gives you flexibility.

The simple user interface and strong scalability make your life easier and let you concentrate on your core competencies. Fast business processes, maximum benefit, simple execution. The advantages of VIP are obvious. Ask now for a solution for your private, virtual infrastructure.

Picture material can be found here: https://www.myloc.de/en/company/download.html

About myLoc managed IT

myLoc managed IT AG operates ISO 27001 certified data centres in Düsseldorf with space for over 30,000 servers. In the world's largest Lampertz high-security cell, sensitive systems of major customers, including banks, insurance companies and ISPs, are protected against external influences. myLoc offers products under the brands myLoc (data centre services, racks, hosting) and webtropia.com (server hosting

About Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo is the leading provider of hyper-convergent infrastructure software with integrated solutions for containers, virtual machines and storage. Virtuozzo developed the first commercially available container technology in 2001 and today has more than 5 million virtual environments. Virtuozzo sets a milestone in the field of "self virtualisation" and offers many users the possibility to unite all their sub-systems under one platform.

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