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myMicroRack - The new colocation product

Düsseldorf, 21 March 2014. myLoc managed IT AG is repositioning itself on the managed hosting market with a completely new and well-rounded product. With three products, the company offers every shop operator the package that is perfectly suited for him.

The infrastructural shop solutions are structured by the server farms M, L and XL and offer customers a familiar approach to product designations. In addition, the product details can be translated very usefully to the shop size and offer end customers initial support in making the right product selection.

"We are very pleased to be one of the few hosters in Germany to enter the market with these optimal e-commerce products", says Christian Quandt, sales manager of myLoc.

During product development, we worked very closely with shop software manufacturers, carried out specially developed benchmarks and created an optimised hardware and operating system configuration to get the best performance out of the cluster nodes. In addition to our own shop cluster, special services are offered by myLoc managed IT AG to optimally set up your system in areas such as security, high availability, backup management and load distribution. The new guideline should be the separation of unpleasant necessities and the actual operation of a shop.

As a shop operator, you get the opportunity to concentrate on your core competencies and no longer have to worry about operating and maintaining technology. Well-known manufacturers such as CISCO or HP should further strengthen the confidence in the reliability of cluster solutions, which is definitely not up for discussion. CISCO and HP have built up a good reputation for reliability and performance over the years and serve as first choice for sensitive infrastructures.

myE-Commerce M

The myE-Commerce M package is the right choice for small and medium-sized shop systems. Two HP servers of the latest generation Gen8 share the tasks web server, database and storage server. The free implementation of the myLoc backup and monitoring system upgrades the product to an optimal infrastructure for smaller shops. The CISCO ASA5505 firewall protects the cluster optimally against attackers and possible data theft. The myE-Commerce M package stands out particularly due to its good price/performance ratio, so that myLoc managed IT AG can offer this product for 499.00 € plus 19% VAT .

myEcommerce L

For our myE-Commerce L package we use the next higher generation of CISCO firewalls - the ASA-5512X, which enables an external connection of 1GBit/s. In addition to the two HP Gen8 servers, which are also used in the myE-Commerce M package, we are now using a load balancer specially developed by myLoc managed IT AG and are preparing the infrastructure for greater growth. The use of the load balancer makes it clear that this measure makes expansion and load distribution feasible without downtime. myE-Commerce L is available for € 799.00 plus 19% VAT.

myEcommerce XL

The myE-Commerce XL package is perfectly suited to shop operators who define downtime as unacceptable. With this package you can look forward to completely redundant servers and fail-safe services. Maintenance work without offline times, load distribution, redundant internet connections and replicated database instances simply leave nothing to be desired. Powerful HP Gen8 servers and a high-performance firewall ensure smooth shop operation. Due to the particularly well elaborated structural concept, myLoc managed IT AG even receives the recognition of the well-known shop software manufacturer IntelliShop AG at this point. With a "Certified by IntelliShop" this rewards myLoc AG for its excellent product design. This complete package is available for a sensational 1.299,00 € plus 19% VAT.

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From January 1st 2015, in accordance with the amended Directive 2006/112/EC, prices inclusive of VAT may vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (by default, the prices displayed are NET in force). If your place of residence is not in Germany, the prices are net.