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Design agile and future-orientated business applications: With our container solutions based on the open source technology Kubernetes, you can work efficiently in customised environments. We take over the setup, operation and monitoring of Kubernetes clusters for you and actively support you.

Managed Kubernetes

Container platform Kubernetes (K8s) 

The current standard platform for operating containers is Kubernetes (K8s), an open source system developed by Google. 

Our software developers and IT administrators use this platform to orchestrate container applications. In concrete terms, this means organising, managing, monitoring and automating the deployment, scaling, operation and administration of container environments. The computer, network and storage infrastructure is coordinated by the management environment.

Your advantages

K8s offers a declarative standard for the configuration of containers and manages their resources and lifecycle management:

  • Monitoring of health management
  • Distribution of containers to servers
  • Network links between the containers
  • Service registry
  • Configuration of security & network policies
  • Update and deployment through mechanisms such as rolling update
Lower IT costs

Workloads can be distributed evenly across the infrastructure using containers. This optimises the use of hardware.

Competitive advantage

Container applications can be deployed and scaled quickly to accelerate processes and release cycles.

High availability

Redundant environments are created that enable performance peaks and maximum uptime.

Our managed Kubernetes services

Setting up and operating Kubernetes clusters requires specific expertise and involves a great deal of effort, at least initially. But container applications are not your area of expertise and you don't have specifically trained employees for this? Then we are the competent partner at your side who will guide you through your individual projects and offer you the complete range of managed Kubernetes services: From setup, automation and deployment, to user management, scaling and backups, through to the creation of customised container solutions.

Setup, operation & update

User management

Scaling & number of servers

Backup & restore


The cluster and the components are permanently monitored.

The BigMoDo monitoring tool is used to recognise problems at an early stage and provide a constant status overview of one or more clusters. Application monitoring is handled by the Prometheus application.

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