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Cloud Backup Office

Cloud Backup Office

€ 1.99 per month

Cloud Backup Office

The product

  • 1 backup per Office 365 license
  • 50 GB storage space included
  • Each additional GB for 0,05 € per month
  • Data backup in Germany
  • Incremental & differential backups
  • backup plans
  • Simple user interface
€ 1.99 per month

Many important information and records are created and edited using Microsoft Office 365. With emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, events, and more, Microsoft 365 provides a rich work environment. Microsoft 365 is central to many people, both at work and privately. Therefore, a backup and thus a backup of Microsoft 365 is indispensable for many users. Under certain circumstances, such a default can also degenerate into business-damaging scenarios. The Microsoft 365 Backup of myLoc gives you the peace of mind you need to protect against the data loss you need. Here you have the opportunity to choose which data you want to save and save valuable time. External backup solutions such as Microsoft Onedrive for Business are also compatible with Microsoft 365 Backup.

Protect yourself from losing your Microsoft 365 documents with the Microsoft 365 Backup of myLoc managed IT AG. With the Acronis Backup you can conveniently and easily secure your Microsoft 365 environment in the cloud backup environment of myLoc managed IT AG. To connect between your Microsoft 365 environment and the Cybercloud, all you need to do is log in to the Microsoft 365 Microsoft account. Afterwards, Acronis Backup Web interface features are available to manage your backups

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Never again data loss

Very often it happens that Office documents or files are forgotten. This is especially annoying if the files cannot be recovered. For this reason, with Microsoft 365 Backup, you can easily and conveniently back up all the data you consider relevant. With automated backup plans, you no longer have to worry about the security of your office environment.

Incremental and differential backups

With Microsoft 365 Backup you can perform incremental and differential backups at any time and save space by storing your data in the cloud or locally. In addition, you save backup time and network load in the long run, which occurs when you transfer a lot of data.

German Data Centres

All your data is backed up in our own data centers on site in Germany. With ISO-certified data centers, we offer a high standard of security. Furthermore, the centers are designed for reliability and work with redundant power grids, among other things.

AES-256 Bit encryption

When creating your backups, you can always create an AES-256 encryption key to store your backups according to industry standards. The data of the cloud infrastructure in the data centers of myLoc managed IT AG are also encrypted, so that we can offer you the highest security standard.

Multiple destinations

With the Microsoft 365 Backup product, you can not only back up your data in the cloud, but also select additional destination folders via the simple user interface. This allows you to store your backup files in up to three different locations as required.

Simple administration

With the simplified user interface of the Cybercloud, you can set up backup plans easily and conveniently. It doesn't lose functionality, just the basic backup settings are easy and clear to see. You can optionally view and use additional settings.

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