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Hosting in Germany with IntelIn the area of Infrastructure as a Service products, myLoc offers you high-performance and scalable cloud service hosting solutions. With the Public Cloud and Private Cloud solution Microsoft Azure Stack powered by HPE & Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors we offer you a German IaaS solution hosted in a German data center.

In the private cloud area, Microsoft Azure Stack allows you to set up cloud servers or virtual machines quickly and easily. With HPE Microsoft Azure Stack we provide you with our infrastructure as a basis. This product allows you to set up virtual machines yourself and set them up flexibly according to your requirements. With Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors providing the right foundation for software-defined enterprise datacenters optimized for cloud deployments that require increased scalability, automation, and organizational capabilities across heavy computing workloads. You will then be able to create and manage your virtual instances easily and conveniently at any time.

Microsoft Azure Stack pushes the limit of the future to make Cloud Computing even better. This is why they teamed up with HPE & Intel®. HPE for a high-quality Cloud ready hardware allowing you to derive new business insights more simply and cost effectively and Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors leverage a multi-cloud architecture to unleash superb performance, high I/O throughput, as well as unparalleled scalability and elasticity.

You can rely on the fact that your cloud environment is operated in a German data center according to DSGVO. With Microsoft Azure Stack you can decide yourself, whether you want to connect to the large Azure Cloud with your cloud and also if you want to go to a public cloud.



Work Cost-Effectively

myLoc's Infrastructure as a Service cloud solution is billed on an hourly basis, so you can be sure that you only pay for what you really use!

Easy Cloud-Management

With Microsoft Azure's comfortable web interface you can set up your virtual instances in real time. Also with Microsoft Azure you get a simple platform on which you can create, manage and expand all services.


We rely on branded hardware from Hewett Packard Enterprise, which means your cloud runs on high-quality solutions that you can trust!

Cloud Made in Germany

With our Düsseldorf data centers, German regulations also apply to your cloud service, which is not only an advantage for you, but also for your customers and therefore much more transparent than public clouds abroad.

Access Authorizations

You decide for yourself how public your cloud server really is and from which locations it can be accessed. Users can work together in the cloud on the data stored there.


myLoc's cloud services are highly scalable, so resources can be expanded or even reduced within a few seconds with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors making this all possible.

Your Virtual Data Center

Use myLoc managed IT AG's infrastructure and create your own virtual data center with virtual machines and resources whenever you need them with Microsoft Azure. The simple management interface allows you to create and manage virtual machines according to your requirements. Work cost-effectively and pay for only the applications you need. Now take off with Microsoft Azure Stack!

Create virtual machines in seconds and choose from a wide range of images provided by Microsoft or partners. Microsoft Azure virtual machines gives you flexible virtualization at any time, allowing you to develop, run applications, or expand your virtual data center.

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