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Virtual Machines

With Microsoft Azure you can easily and quickly create virtual machines or computers according to your requirements. Microsoft Azure offers you a variety of operating systems and application programs. Choose the images that best fit your needs and install your virtual machines in minutes. You can deploy hundreds of identical virtual machines in a matter of minutes.

Another advantage the German Azure Cloud can offer you is the automatic scaling of your virtual environment. With VM-scaling, you can set and maintain the maximum and minimum resources for your application so that your virtual machines are well-equipped at peak times and save costs with less application. 

This is Microsoft Azure Stack

Build Virtual Machines
Serverloses Computin

Simple Serverless Computing

With serverless computing (Cloud Computing) servers, infrastructure, and operating systems are abstracted. The advantage of serverless computing is that you don't have to deploy or manage servers, so you don't have to worry about the aspects of your infrastructure. Serverless computing in the cloud takes place almost literally in real time. With serverless computing, you can scale from zero to tens of thousands of simultaneous functions in seconds to meet the needs of just about any workload. Serverless computing is event-driven, so virtual resources are not assigned until they are triggered by an event. With fractions of a second billing, you pay only for the time and resources needed to run your applications.

Betriebssysteme für Ihre virtuellen Maschinen

Images for Virtual Machines

Create virtual machines in seconds and access a wide range of images provided by Microsoft or partners. Take advantage of the flexibility of choices for your virtual instance. Choose between Linux and Windows... You choose which operating system is right for you.

You can also decide whether to run the virtual machines locally in the Azure Stack Cloud or in a combined environment. With support for Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle and SAP, Azure Virtual Machines enables flexible virtualization of various computing solutions. Specify your own VM image or download a certified preconfigured image from the Azure Marketplace. 

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