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German IT solutions as answer to Safe Harbor: myLoc launches innovative cloud products - made and located in Germany

Düsseldorf, 1 December 2015: The European Court of Justice's (ECJ) Safe-Harbor ruling poses major challenges for companies storing and processing personal data and commercial users of cloud services in Germany. According to the current legal situation, the safe harbor certification of corresponding US service providers is no longer suitable to guarantee the level of data protection that is in line with European or German data protection laws. Companies are now required to find hosting and cloud alternatives at short notice if they do not want to risk warnings, injunctions, customer churn and loss of revenue.

myLoc managed IT AG offers a high-quality German solution portfolio with its new, innovative cloud products in the areas of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). The cloud services developed by the subsidiary of the Freiburg based Virtual Minds media and technology group addresses SMEs as well as private users and are highly scalable, so that resources can be expanded or reduced within seconds.

With the public cloud, companies can set up virtual instances themselves and set them up flexibly. With the Cloud Backup designed for workstations, business data can be backed up in the myLoc data centre. Users always decide for themselves whether they want to perform monthly full backups or daily incremental backups. And with the cloud storage solution, documents and files can be conveniently stored and backed up in the cloud. Clients are available for all devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop) for Windows and Mac as well as apps for iOS and Android.

All cloud services run exclusively on the company's own servers in the company's own data centre in Düsseldorf, which is certified with the ISO 27001 standard for outstanding data security, availability, confidentiality and integrity of data and systems. Only myLoc employees have access to the servers. Full SSL and AES-256 encryption ensures high level of security for both data connections and the data itself. Users have access to 24-hour support, 365 days a year, with direct and personal assistance from a specialist on site if required. And they are also supported by myLoc during data migration with the know-how and expertise of its cloud and hosting experts.

"With the new myLoc cloud services, we offer powerful IT solutions that can be flexibly adapted to user requirements at any time and that comply 100 percent with the requirements of German data protection. In contrast to US providers, for example, where data stored in Europe or Germany will in future also be subject to access by domestic authorities, the data at myLoc is also effectively protected against such third-party access," explains Christoph Herrnkind, CEO of myLoc managed IT AG. "SMEs in particular can now easily and cost-effectively host their data securely in Germany and withstand checks to ensure that data is stored in compliance with the law at all times.

Pictures for the press release can be found under: https://www.myloc.de/en/company/download.html

About myLoc managed IT AG

myLoc operates ISO 27001 certified data centres in Düsseldorf with space for over 30,000 servers. In the world's largest Lampertz high-security cell, sensitive systems of major customers, including banks, insurance companies and ISPs, are protected against external influences. myLoc offers products under the brands myLoc (data centre services, racks, hosting) and webtropia (root server, VPS and virtual dedicated servers).

About virtual minds AG

virtual minds AG (Freiburg), founded in 2001, is a media holding company that brings together specialised companies from the fields of media technologies, digital advertising and hosting. All companies are young and innovative, are managed by specialists and are among the top European players in their respective segments. www.virtualminds.de

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