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Security requirements for IT infrastructures are growing steadily

Düsseldorf, 07. September 2021. Nowadays, the security of data and information in both private and business environments is an asset that is extremely worth protecting. More and more cyber threats and attacks are being registered and investigated by authorities and companies specialising in cybercrime. The demand and the resulting requirement for a secure environment of IT infrastructure is also increasing for myLoc managed IT AG and its customers.

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myLoc managed IT AG acquire Mivitec GmbH from Munich

Düsseldorf, 29. July 2021. WIIT S.p.A., a leading European provider in the cloud computing market for critical business applications, is taking over 100% shares of Mivitec GmbH from Munich through the German subsidiary myLoc managed IT AG.

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myLoc managed IT AG becomes part of the Italian cloud provider WIIT S.p.A

Dusseldorf, 1st of October 2020. myLoc managed IT AG becomes part of WIIT S.p.A, the Italian cloud providerfocused on the Cloud for Business Critical Applications, listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana (WIIT.MI).. The Cloud provider from Dusseldorf, which was previously a 100% subsidiary of virtual minds AG from Freiburg, was sold to the Italian cloud provider with headquarter in Milan for strategic reasons.

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Shared private cloud solution with maximum control and security

Düsseldorf, 30th January 2020. The myLoc managed IT AG extends its successfully implemented private cloud portfolio by a shared private cloud solution for companies. The new shared private cloud, which was developed in cooperation with Virtuozzo, offers companies a high degree of security and full control over their data. The advantage of the myLoc Private Cloud is that the cloud adapts to the requirements and needs of the customers and these are not subject to the general restrictions as seen in a public cloud.

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Virtual Infrastructure Platform as private cloud for companies

Düsseldorf, 17th July 2019. To celebrate the anniversary of myLoc managed IT AG, we present a new product in cooperation with Virtuozzo: VIP (Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform) hosted by myLoc. From now on you can buy the new VIP products in different versions on myloc.de.

Simple virtualisation environments, adapted to your needs, as a hardware and software combination from one source. The differently scaled products can be easily adapted to your wishes and your costs remain calculable. Data priority according to your wishes.

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myLoc managed IT AG extends its product portfolio with managed storage solutions

Düsseldorf, 8th April 2019. Have you ever thought about setting up your entire data infrastructure in a self-managing way? New storage solutions could be the solution for you. The myLoc managed IT AG offers individual storage solutions in close cooperation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and manages both the hardware and the operating software for its customers.

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Renewed ISO 27001 certification and a new data centre in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, 30th October 2018. The IT market is in constant motion, development and new technologies are introduced every day. For this reason it is in the interest of both individuals and companies to keep up with the changes. Information security is one of those rapidly growing fields in the IT market that require additional attention and innovation. Securing data is a top priority for companies and private individuals, especially if the data contains sensitive material.

myLoc managed IT AG is continuously improving its services and support and has opened a further data centres in Düsseldorf.

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Dmexco 2018 - The myLoc is in!

Düsseldorf, 10th September 2018. In 2018 we will be present for you again at the dmexco. As a co-exhibitor of ADITION Technologies AG, we would like to welcome you at our stand to inform you about the latest trends and products for your data centre. Of course, we will be happy to cater for your physical well-being and good conversations at any time. Learn more about the Dmexco 2018.

myLoc uses latest server generation - New HPE Gen10 servers with Intel XEON Skylake CPU Technology for reliable performance

Düsseldorf, 7th September 2017. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has released its next generation Proliant series! At myLoc managed IT AG you can now order the new series of HPE Gen10 ProLiant servers with the brand new Intel XEON Silver 4110 or Gold 5118 CPU based on Skylake processor technology.

If you need a server with the highest performance, flexibility and security, then you don't need to look far! At myLoc we offer you the new Proliant Gen10 servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise as Dedicated Server, Managed Server or as part of your complete Managed Hosting solution from now on!

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New data centre in the south of Düsseldorf - myLoc sets course for further growth

Düsseldorf, 16th February 2017. The myLoc managed IT AG expands its data centre infrastructure with another data centre in the industrial park "In der Steele" in the south of Düsseldorf and thus opens up more space for its business customers. The data centre is an additional location at a distance of 10 km, which is optimal for redundancy solutions. With this space myLoc sets the course for growth, especially in the area of colocation and managed hosting.

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HPE Proliant Gen9 Server as managed server or managed hosting solution

Düsseldorf, 25th January 2017. The myLoc managed IT AG offers dedicated servers based on HPE Proliant Gen9 servers. These servers are provided with the new processor generation Intel XEON E3 v5 or strong XEON E5. The processor technology based on Skylake offers, apart from increased performance and energy efficiency, the great advantage of DDR4 memory with up to 384 GB.

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myLoc presents Cloud Backup Server- Backups now even more effective!

Düsseldorf, 14th June 2016

From now on you can benefit from the new Cloud Backup Server products and protect your server against data loss in the best possible way. The software solution from Acronis offers customers the possibility to secure their server infrastructure independent of storage space in the German ISO-certified data centres of myLoc managed IT AG. Users have access to up to 10,000 GB of memory per device for data backup.

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Cloud Server - Individual projects need individual resources

Düsseldorf, 25th April 2016

myLoc managed IT AG extends its public cloud based on HPE Helion OpenStack by elastic cloud servers. The cloud servers of myLoc provide high-performance and freely scalable virtual instances, which are hosted in the ISO 27001 certified German data centres of myLoc.

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New HPE Gen9 servers at myLoc managed IT AG

Düsseldorf, 08th February 2016

As one of the first German hosters, myLoc managed IT AG now provides dedicated servers with the new processor generation Intel XEON E3 v5. The Skylake based processor technology offers, apart from increased performance and energy efficiency, the great advantage of DDR4 memory with up to 64 GB and this at an outstanding price/performance ratio!

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Düsseldorf data centres with ISO certification 27001: myLoc data centres officially certified

Düsseldorf, 07th December 2015

The IT landscape is constantly changing and is advancing at a rapid pace. This results in new challenges for private individuals, companies and organisations. Due to increasing digitalisation, the operational security of data centres and their server rooms has become an increasingly important topic in today's society. Many companies and private individuals are faced with the question of how to evaluate the physical IT infrastructure in terms of security and availability and, above all, how to guarantee it. In order to answer these questions, myLoc managed IT AG has decided to have itself certified by TÜV Saarland ISO.

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German IT solutions as answer to Safe Harbor: myLoc launches innovative cloud products - made and located in Germany

Düsseldorf, 01st December 2015

The European Court of Justice's (ECJ) Safe-Harbor ruling poses major challenges for companies storing and processing personal data and commercial users of cloud services in Germany. According to the current legal situation, the safe harbor certification of corresponding US service providers is no longer suitable for guaranteeing a level of data protection that complies with European or German data protection laws. Companies are now required to find hosting and cloud alternatives at short notice if they do not want to risk warnings, injunctions, customer churn and loss of revenue.

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myLoc sets course for the future and appears newly positioned on the hosting market

Düsseldorf, 13th October 2015

From now on myLoc managed IT AG has a new website and launches new products in the areas of colocation, server and cloud hosting. The product portfolio in the area of colocation has been extended by a multi-site rack offer and new tariffs. The Multi-Site-Rack offers customers the possibility to rent several racks distributed over two data centres. Customers can now choose between a rack in the basic or flat rate tariff for the myLoc racks. With the basic rate of a rack the exact power and traffic consumption is calculated for customers who know exactly what their requirements are, whereas the flat rate rate includes the power and traffic price and is especially suitable for high loads, e.g. through cloud applications.

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myLoc startet HP Helion OpenStack öffentlichen Beta-Test mit Odin Service Automation

Düsseldorf, 11th June 2015

At the OpenStack DACH Day in Berlin, myLoc managed IT AG will start its myCloud solution with a public beta test. The OpenStack-based product will be realised with HP Helion and the Odin Service Automation Platform and hosted on HP ProLiant servers of the latest generation, Gen9, and the distributed file system CEPH, which is operated exclusively with high-performance SSD hard disks. Within the scope of the beta test myLoc provides the following services completely free of charge and without any contractual obligation for 3 months: 4 vCores, 16GB RAM, 500 GB storage space, 4 IPv4 addresses and up to 4 virtual instances.

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myMicroRack - The new colocation product

Düsseldorf, 21st August 2014

myLoc managed IT AG has been operating data centres at its Düsseldorf location for many years and is now expanding its product portfolio in the colocation sector. With the myMicroRack, myLoc now offers its customers 1/8 rack for rent. This makes myLoc the first Internet service provider in Germany to offer this type of rack. In the myMicro Rack up to 5U can be used for the customers' servers and this at favourable conditions.

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The myE-Commerce products of myLoc managed IT AG

Düsseldorf, 25th March 2014

With a completely new and well-rounded product, myLoc managed IT AG is repositioning itself on the managed hosting market. With three products, the company offers every shop operator the package that suits him exactly. The infrastructural shop solutions are structured by the server farms M, L and XL and offer the customers a familiar handling of the product names. In addition, the product details can be translated very usefully to the shop size and offer end customers initial support in making the right product selection.

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