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Kaspersky Endpoint Security

To meet the ever-increasing demands of cybersecurity, myLoc managed IT AG offers an endpoint solution in cooperation with Kaspersky. The Kaspersky Endpoint solutions are offered in two variants, each with a "Optimum extension". Kaspersky Select and Kaspersky Advanced are available for your server architectures. Combine transparent costs, security and flexibility on one platform with the Kaspersky Endpoint solution.

At the core of the Kaspersky software is the swift adaptability to new or unknown threats. With features such as behavior detection and machine learning, the Kaspersky Endpoint solution is always one step ahead and can minimize update times.

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Performance and protection

The highest possible level of security does not necessarily mean sacrificing performance. Therefore, the Kaspersky Endpoint solution makes it a point to keep the impact on system performance as minimal as possible. In addition, an uninterrupted workflow after an attack is guaranteed by the Remediation Engine. This undoes malicious actions and provides a seamless transition.

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Kaspersky Business Select

With the Kaspersky Endpoint Business Select product, you get protection for your individual server and/or various endpoints. It supports Linux, Mac and Windows and offers extensive features such as Remediation Engine, EDR, Microsoft Active Directory and behavior detection. In addition, mobile devices are also included in the scope of the license.

Kaspersky Business Advanced

The Kaspersky Business Advanced solution extends the scope of the Business Select product. Web and email threats are included here along with adaptive anomaly control and patch management. Furthermore, an encryption feature is added to the operating system and management for it. Lastly, SIEM integration is included as another feature in the package.

Kaspersky Endpoint Optimum

Both Business Select and Business Advanced can be coupled or extended with Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum. This provides an analysis tool with detailed information on attack distribution paths, file information, process injections and much more. In addition, countermeasures are automated and thus faster and more efficient.

Kasperksy Endpoint Protection technology provides comprehensive protection for various infrastructures. Kaspersky's award-winning and tested technologies underpin the software's threat detection capabilities with minimal false positives. Endpoints, servers and gateways are protected, as well as containers.

With features such as host intrusion prevention, cloud-based web-, device-, and program-monitoring, and default deny, the attack surfaces of your infrastructure are minimized. It also helps keep IT infrastructure resources under control.

With the comprehensive Kaspersky Dashboard, you have the possibility to make individual adjustments. You can further customize the already streamlined administration console according to your wishes. In addition, various roles can be distributed and thus individual employees can be assigned rights in a controlled manner. This results in a role distribution that can be used effectively in everyday work.

Thanks to automated EDR, user devices are protected against unpatched vulnerabilities in operating systems or often used programs. EDR automatically detects and remediates these gaps and other threats.

Simple management console

To ensure that the security works properly regardless of the user's experience, the management console is one of the most important elements. That's why the Kaspersky Console's ease of use and modularity is paramount. Whether in the cloud or on-premise on your device, Kaspersky's management software offers both options. The console is clear, easy to use and can be customized as you wish. So you have all the important functions in focus and in view!

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Customizable security

Kaspersky Endpoint solutions can be customized at any time according to your needs. Free scalability means more cost transparency and a better overview of the amount of clients that are in the Kaspersky protection cluster. It is also possible to easily switch between Kaspersky license versions for future requirements.

Cost overview

Kaspersky Endpoint Protection technologies are bundled and uniformly managed in this product. This provides a transparent overview of costs. In addition, all device types, such as servers, workstations, mobile devices, etc., are captured in one license, bypassing the need for different license types.

Innovation and integration

Kaspersky is one of only six IT companies worldwide to be recognized as a Derwent Top 100 Global Innovator. With over 900 patents, Kaspersky is in an advantageous position to actively and preventively enhance and constantly develop the security of its endpoint solutions. In addition, all technologies are developed in-house.

Antivirus Select Antivirus Select Optimum Antivirus Advanced Antivirus Advanced Optimum
Price per month
from € 20.00
from € 25.00
from € 25.00
from € 50.00
Number of Desktops/Server 5 5 10 10
Minimum contract period pixel12 months pixel12 months pixel12 months pixel12 months
Efficient management console yes yes yes yes
Protection for PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS yes yes yes yes
Protection for servers yes yes yes yes
Protection for application and terminal servers no no yes yes
Protection against mobile threats yes yes yes yes
Program, web and device controls for PCs yes yes yes yes
Behavior detection, Remediation Engine yes yes yes yes
Vulnerability Assessment Exploit Prevention yes yes yes yes
Authorizations and HIPS variable depending on environments yes yes yes yes
Integration in AMSI, Microsoft Active Directory, Syslog, RMM, PSA, EMM yes yes yes yes
Kaspersky Sandbox and Kaspersky EDR Optimum integration yes yes yes yes
Web and email threat protection and comprehensive controls no no yes yes
Adaptive Anomaly Control and Patch Management no no yes yes
Encryption and encryption management integrated into the operating system no no yes yes
Advanced SIEM integration, OS & third-party software installation no no yes yes
Visualization of the request distribution path no yes no yes
Information about the file, metadata, file origin, modification data, digital signature no yes no yes
Host and user information no yes no yes
Recognition information no yes no yes
Process Injection Information no yes no yes
Information on deleted files no yes no yes
Information from changes to the registry key no yes no yes
Connections information no yes no yes
Automated host isolation no yes no yes
Automated scan of the host no yes no yes
Automated removal / quarantine of files no yes no yes
Start automated deletion process no yes no yes
Automatic prevention of process execution no yes no yes

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