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MyLoc managed IT AG operates at its site in Düsseldorf in three data centres over 2,500 m ² data centre space to tier III +-standard for a variety of uses and relies on its own independent supply of infrastructure. There is also another 1,000 m², which can be expanded if necessary.

The data centre of myLoc has its own cogeneration plant for local power and air supply and has additional security against power outages with UPS power and power supply replacement equipment (NEA). MyLoc guarantees a current availability of 99.95% on the annual average of the data centres.

This requires that the three data centres are in a single site in Düsseldorf, so that myLoc managed IT AG can offer highly professional colocation products in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as individual infrastructure distributed over different data centres (2-site strategy). Connections between data centres are rapid and easy to switch through the existing Darkfibre preliminary wiring. So redundancy concepts by the placement in entirely separate data centres can be cost-effectively implemented without having to using completely different sites and carrier connections.

In addition, myloc has the world's largest Lampertz security room, which perfectly protects sensitive systems with vulnerable data for large customers such as banks and insurance companies from outside influences. Even cluster and blade systems with high energy and cooling requirements can operate easily on the perfectly designed surfaces in our data centre in Düsseldorf.

Learn more about the data centre as well as the data centre technology used and get to know your future data centre.

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Get a glimpse of the data centres of Düsseldorf and find the right new home for your IT infrastructure. Welcome to myLoc managed IT AG

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