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Extensive measures for fire protection are in place. A highly sensitive fire alarm system monitors both the data centre and the office space. In addition to that fire detectors with suction technology which can detect fire earlier are installed in the data centre.

In the event of fire, argon gas extinguishing systems now provide nondestructive extinguishing of IT and technology. Data loss by fire is not possible. The local fire department will also be informed immediately about a fire through a direct activation of the fire alarm system. All RZ surfaces correspond to at least the fire protection standard F90, surfaces in the Lampertz security room even to the standard F120. All rooms as fire section are designed to prevent the spread of fire.

Design of the rooms in different fire sections

The data centres are divided into fire zones, so that these separate server rooms are also protected from fire cases.

Argon gas extinguishing systems

Inside the data centre is protected by argon gas extinguishing systems. Thus, it extinguishes the server rooms as well as the technology in the event of fire.

Fireproof room cell construction F120 and F90

The fire protection regulation for buildings, spaces and walls have been designed in accordance with fire resistance class F120 and F90.

Supervision of fire alarm system in the building

The fire alarm system monitors the entire building and hence the data centres and issues an immediate alarm in the event of fire.

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