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Cloud Backup VM

Cloud Backup VM

€ 4.99 per month

Cloud Backup VM

The product

  • 1 VM per product license
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Data backup in Germany
  • Incremental & Differential Backups
  • Compatible with ESXi, Hyper-V and Virtuozzo 
€ 4.99 per month

Many enterprise infrastructures are increasingly being operated in virtual environments. These include VMs, containers, partially-virtualized servers and more. These efficient operators have become more and more essential for certain processes in IT over the years. For this reason, the security of such systems is of high priority.

With the myLoc VM backup, you can not only secure individual VM nodes, but also the entire infrastructure (hypervisor) of your virtual environment. Do you want to protect your hypervisor and all its associated virtual instances from data loss? With VM Backup, you have the option of backing up the three most common hypervisors Hyper-V, Virtuozzo and ESXi.

To give you a preview of the Acronis VM Backup virtual machine product, we have prepared all the information for you compactly. After installing the client, you have an extensive selection of settings options. This includes features such as creating, customizing, modifying, notifications, scripting and much more. With a one-time installation of the Acronis Backup Client, your server will connect to the myCoc's myCybercloud and you can start planning your backups. Of course, here you have the possibility to perform incremental or differential backups for your virtual machines. Protect your virtual infrastructure with the new VM Backup!

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Never again data loss

Never lose data from a virtual machine again with the new VM backup of myLoc. With the user interface provided by our partner Acronis, you can back up all your instances as you wish. All or part of it, you have full control over how it runs. This includes traps, times, intervals, data sources and much more.

Backup options

Most virtual servers are used for simple automations, such as email distribution lists. You can make use of incremental and differential backups. This allows you to create space-saving backups. Since a mailing list has hardly any changes in the data records, it is suboptimal to back up the entire system with every backup.

German Data Centres

myLoc has been operating its own legal centres in Germany for more than 20 years. All our cloud services are hosted, maintained and managed exclusively on this infrastructure. Each individual data center is ISO-certified and offers the highest security standards for your data. This certificate is renewed every year to meet the standards.

AES-256 bit encryption

So that you can always rest assured that your data will remain secure, you can create an AES-256 bit encryption in addition to our extensive security conditions. This provides another level of security that protects your data from third parties. Data that you secure in our cloud is also secured with AES encryption.

Accessible everywhere

Nowadays remote maintenance is an important feature. With Acronis Backup software, you can access your cybercloud from anywhere. This would allow you to keep an eye on your infrastructure on business trips or holidays and even perform restores if necessary. With VM Backup, you can even back up the entire hypervisor.

Simple administration

The administration of your backups and their planning are smooth and pleasant to use via the user interface. Not surprisingly, our VM Backup allows you to back up all virtual instances via the user interface. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, our VM Backup from myLoc.de is very easy to use when creating backups/plans.

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