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Managed root or managed dedicated servers represent the basis of every managed hosting solution. These components flexibly scalable by size and features in the form of branded servers of the company HP can be supplemented by managed firewall and managed load balancer solutions and so expanded into a high availability cluster.

Please finde an overview of the available components of an individual managed hosting solution from myLoc below:

Managed Web servers

Through the dedicated Web servers of a managed hosting solution contents of the site or even the Web application are delivered. Dedicated Web servers often have fast SSD hard drives.

Managed database server

The databases of your applications are hosted on the database server of a managed hosting solution. For this purpose very powerful servers with up to 64 cores, 512 GB ECC DDR4 memory and hard drive solutions with up to 24 SAS hard drives in RAID 5, 6 or 10 connection are used.

Managed application server

The applications are operated in themselves on the application server. On such a server, great emphasis is placed on high CPU performance. Since the applications are often operated directly in memory, a sufficient amount of memory is important.

Managed Firewall

The necessary security of your managed hosting solution is provided with a managed firewall. Brand firewalls from CISCO are used, which are supervised by myLoc according to your specifications.

Managed Loadbalancer

The managed load balancer solution of myLoc ensures that even with a high volume of requests an even distribution of loads takes place on the available dedicated servers.

Managed Storage

With a managed storage solution you can centrally and securely store files for backup irrespective of your server. NAS storage is ideal in particular for outsourcing your system backups.

Detailed service description on managed hosting components

Are you looking for a managed server which you can customise according to your desired performance? Then, our managed servers are your first choice.

Our managed dedicated servers are based on brand hardware from our partner Hewlett-Packard. Because we use only the latest hardware for you, we can ensure high flexibility in the server design. Depending on the server model, you have the opportunity to adjust the RAM, Enterprise hard drives (SATA, SAS or SSD) and CPUs to your needs.

On our dedicated servers you will receive a free full-featured tool for the remote management of your server available. The remote management module - ILO - has a variety of benefits and functionalities.

In addition, you can optimally prepare your server for server environments. Our servers all have the benefit of our redundant infrastructure and backbone generally provided with a connection of 1000 Mbps to our 1950 GB. Each server receives a free traffic flatrate!

You have free choice for how important performance is to you and at the same time can still determine that all servers are included in your server environment and are arranged for larger server farms.

Our standard SLA guarantees potential hardware replacement 24/7 within 4 hours, as well as at least 99.9% server availability. Further SLA increments on request to [email protected]

Is the security of your server infrastructure vital for you? Our firewall products provide the optimal and necessary protection for your managed hosting solutions in our data centre.

A firewall is positioned directly behind the "unsafe source", the Internet, and in front of your infrastructure and can optimally protect your server landscape from unauthorised access.

Our firewalls are in principle different in their ability to process simultaneous packages. Depending on its classification, a firewall can provide more data throughput and must thus be customised to your server number and scaled appropriately.

Every CISCO firewall offered enables you to set up VPN side-to-side and side-to-end connections. A key indicator is the number of VPN user sessions, which also must meet your needs. With our firewalls, you can build additional VPN connections, providing secure access to your server..

Our firewall products can also act in routed or in transparent mode and offer you additional customisation options. We offer exclusive firewalls from the manufacturer Cisco systems, so as to benefit from the experience of this partner on security issues.

Should a defect still occur despite the extremely reliable hardware, you will receive guaranteed replacement within 6 hours including your last prescribed configuration!

With our load balancer product, you get a perfect distribution of your requests across your Web servers. For your environment, load balancers are suitable if you want to distribute a large number of requests to multiple servers or your service must be available even after the failure of a server. You can decide whether the load distribution should be performed by the Round-Robin process or by special algorithms.

Through our load balancers, you can insert multiple front-end Web servers with the same content and achieve higher availability and at the same time lower access times. Load balancers are preferably used in environments where heavy client requests are expected. Load balancers include a mandatory product for e-commerce, if better performance is crucial.

If you need new resources in your environment, you have the flexibility through a load balancer to include additional servers in the load balancer group without downtime. This possibility is a guarantee for you to scale your environment and to avoid resource bottlenecks.

For our managed hosting area the entire infrastructure has been designed redundantly, so that you have the opportunity to include your load balancer in a redundant version for your environment.

If you want 99.99% reliability of your load balancer, you need the redundant version, which is excellently covered by our infrastructure.

The advantages of using a load balancer:

  • Scalability
  • Incoming requests can be accurately directed to server systems
  • Setting of load distribution method
  • Adding further server systems easy to achieve
  • Resiliency
  • Requests in the event of failure of a server on the existing server are routed through parameters specified by you

NAS means network attached storage and is an external storage option within your environment.

You can easily put your files to be backed up on your storage and secure them irrespective of your server. A NAS storage is especially suited for outsourcing your system backups and protects them if your server system should fail. NAS storage is used mainly as a separate hard drive capacity by our customers.

We rely on our partner Synology for our NAS storage. Synology NAS storage products offer maximum safety and performance.

Our NAS storages used are the perfect extension of your hard disk capacity.

myLoc switching offers you great flexibility for expanding your server environments. Your individual server systems are combined in an external VLAN and receive their own IP network.

Through the dedicated switching structure, you can also add an "internal" VLAN, which makes it possible to communicate within your environment, without loss of resources of the external links. Optionally you can create all switching structures redundantly. MyLoc switching offers you great flexibility for expanding your server environments. Your individual server systems are combined in an external VLAN and receive their own IP network.

Through the dedicated switching structure, you can also add an "internal" VLAN, which makes it possible to communicate within your environment, without loss of resources of the external links. Optionally you can create all switching structures redundantly.

A VLAN makes it possible to segment your server environment and functionally or administratively keep it separate. With a VLAN, your traffic in our infrastructure is separate and therefore secured from other customers.


  • Dedicated VLAN structure
  • Flexible integration of additional server systems in existing VLANs through additional network cards
  • Redundant VLAN connection for optional guaranteed bandwidth between your server system
  • Virtualisation: On request free installation/29 network including preparation of 8 MAC addresses on the switch port for the use of virtualisation software
  • Traffic flat: Within your environment, the entire communication of your server systems is free!
  • Both internally and externally your server is connected at 1,000 Mbps
  • Extension of the IP network (VLAN) when extending the environment possible at any time

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!

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Head of Sales & Account Management

Christian Quandt

Head of Sales & Account Management

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Jörg Willheim

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Joshua Strohfeldt

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