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myLoc IT offers individual storage solutions and manages both the hardware and the operating software for you. In cooperation with our long-standing partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we will find the right storage solution for you. Due to the successful cooperation with HPE and our qualified employees’ know-how, myLoc's storage solutions are investment secure, cost-effective and audit-proof for you.

At myLoc you will find the flexibility and scalability you need for your storage solution. Needless to say, reliability and availability are the focus of the storage solution. We can guarantee this due to the excellent hardware and great data centre infrastructure.

Together with us, you can implement your storage environment according to your wishes. Find out which storage solutions we can offer you and contact us!

HPE 3PAR Storage

HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage

For mixed workloads myLoc recommends the HPE 3PAR Storage-solution. Rely on exceptional application performance and very low latencies for mixed workloads. With the HPE 3PAR, you get an enterprise storage solution that is not only ideal for shared storage, but also extremely fast thanks to storage class memory and NVMe.

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Ideal for high loads

The HPE 3PAR has been designed to meet the high demands of cloud service providers so that the HPE 3PAR StoreServ operates with more than 3 million input/output operations per second (IOPS) and consistent sub-ms latency. HPE 3PAR StoreServ is capable of transforming your midrange and enterprise deployments with numerous solutions, providing storage from just a few TB to well over 20PB.

Speed for any load

The HPE 3PAR StoreServ product line offers a range of flash optimized data storage systems to modernize your data centre and easily manage unexpected workloads. HPE is the only company to offer a storage that is smart enough to ensure 99.99% data availability.

NVMe memory is faster

HPE 3PAR offers a new class of enterprise storage: Memory Driven Flash. This new storage class concept is accelerated by NVMe hard drives, resulting in better application performance under mixed loads. In addition, a very low latency is generated, which makes it the ideal storage solution.

HPE's Storage Server provides on-going support to help you resolve hardware and software issues associated with HPE and select third-party products to increase the availability of your IT infrastructure. Find out what connectivity options are available, how to configure your devices, customize your environment to maximize the reliability of your HPE technology. Take advantage of powerful support services.

Benefit from our fully redundant setup options through to geo-redundancy, which ensures that your setup is self-sufficient and independent of external factors. It is possible to ensure complete redundancy up to 10 km distance between data centers. You can also add our storage solutions to your existing managed hosting or colocation.

You can now enjoy the complete price transparency because every time you receive an invoice, you know exactly what you are paying for. In addition to transparency, you benefit from our flexible prices, which are based on your personal needs and hardware parts. You get exactly what you pay for!

The best thing about all HPE products is their excellent compatibility with other products. They can be easily integrated into our cloud services and colocation products. All these products combine seamlessly with HPE products to create a unique harmony in your IT infrastructure.

HPE Nimble Storage Infrastructure

The HPE Nimble Storage offers you either "All Flash" or "Hybrid SAN Arrays" and is a further development of the 3PAR storage solution. With Nimble Storage, you can store more data faster than with other solutions.

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Predictive competence

The HPE Nimble Storage eliminates app data gaps through the use of flash memory and predictive analytics, delivering the best possible all flash capacity per TB and app stability. With myLoc & HPE, you get one of the best storage solutions on the market.


Automatic disaster recovery with multi-site synchronization and automatic failover mechanisms allow you to maintain continuous data availability without risking data loss or downtime. This leads to highly reliable elimination of recovery times in a "set it and forget it" mode.

Self-sufficient memory

HPE Nimble Storage identifies the cause of a problem, predicts and prevents it independently. In fact, 86% of all problems are solved or predicted before you even know they existed.

HPE SimpliVity Infrastructure

HPE SimpliVity Infrastructure

Simplify the entire IT stack by combining storage, server, hypervisor, and network into a single device. This eliminates data gaps and long application load times. This enables you to quickly provision, manage, and scale workloads on demand.

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Replace multiple devices

With HPE SimpliVity, you can replace multiple devices with a single platform. This simplifies important processes and also reduces CO2 emissions. With SimpliVity, you can quickly scale server and storage capacity and increase performance with fewer "data path" inputs and outputs.

Data relocation

With HPE SimpliVity you can move data from location to location in seconds. Whether from or to the Dev/Op environment, to the remote office or to a virtual desktop. Extremely fast performance through efficient deduplication and compression performed only once. SimpliVity allows you to manage your resources as a "pool" and offers the ability to set up "sandbox" clusters for Dev/Ops. SimpliVity gives you the ability to update and manage all your operations from a single interface.


HPE SimpliVity is designed with integrated data protection and deep integration between application hypervisors and container engines, eliminating the need for additional data services. Thanks to the deep-rooted integration, you can back up and restore data with just a few clicks.

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