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Cloud Backup Mobile

Cloud Backup Mobile

€ 0.99 € per Month

Cloud Backup Mobile

The product

  • 1 device per product license
  • 10 GB storage space included
  • Each additional GB for €0.05 per month
  • Data backup in Germany
  • Incremental or differential backups
  • Android & iOS compatible
  • Backup plans
  • Simple user interface
€ 0.99 € per Month

Mobile devices are more than ever, a major focus in the technology industry. This makes backups indispensable and increasingly relevant. Secure your smartphone with the Cloud Backup Mobile product. Protect important data on your mobile phone and create backups with the Acronis App. Each time you log into the backup environment, you'll get an overview of newly added data. With this knowledge, you can back up the missing files. With a simple user interface in the app, navigation is easy. It is also easy to configure your backups, with the Start button you can start your first backup immediately. Your data is hosted with the highest integrity and security in the ISO 27001 certified data centers of myLoc. With setting options such as time, date or intervals of X days, you can comfortably pursue your daily business while the software takes over the work. Android (5.0 or higher) and iOS (10.0 or higher) smartphones are supported. Accordingly, you will receive an app for both mobile phone types. Secure your mobile infrastructure today with the Mobile Backup of myLoc!

To make the experience as convenient as possible, we already provide you with 10 GB of storage space. Each additional GB you get for only 0,05 € per month. You can manage this storage space in the myCybercloud. The myCybercloud is the unified management platform for all myLoc cloud backup products. This gives you a clear user interface in which you can view all your backups. All functions in the user interface are then opened up to you, such as creating, adapting, modifying back-up plans and much more. Do you have unanswered questions? Our staff will be happy to answer your questions using the contact form.

Reliable data backup

Mobile devices are sensitive and can become unusable with minor damage. However, updates or changes to the smartphone can also paralyze the operating system. To avoid this danger, you can use Cloud Mobile Backup to back up your data and restore it on demand. 

Simple data-recovery

Backing up mobile data has never been so easy. With myLoc's Cloud Backup Mobile, you now have the option of backing up your smartphone in such a way that you can restore it completely if necessary.

Data centres in Germany

All cloud backup services are provided exclusively in myLoc managed IT AG's own data centers in Germany. Our data centers are certified according to ISO 27001 and offer a high security standard.

Data encryption

By creating of your backups, you can always create a AES-256 key for encryption in order to save your mobile backups with industry standard. The data of the cloud infrastructure in the data centers of myLoc managed IT AG are also encrypted, so that we can offer the highest safety standards.

Self-sufficient Backup

Creating and scheduling backups manually is tedious and time-consuming. With the Cloud Backup Mobile product, you can configure standalone backups. You can schedule them conveniently and with little effort via the user interface. These are of course executed in real time.


Secure your smartphone with the Cloud Backup Mobile product from myLoc. With the Acronis App you can start your backup plans and create your first backup in just a few steps. This protects your mobile data from any loss.

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