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Cloud Backup Server Panel

Cloud Backup Server Panel

€ 6.99 per month

Cloud Backup Server Panel

The product

  • 1 server per product license
  • 100 GB storage space included
  • Each additional GB for 0,05 € per month
  • Data backup in Germany
  • Incremental & differential backups
  • backup plans
  • Simple user interface
€ 6.99 per month

Do you want more modularity when securing your servers? With the Server Panel Backup from myloc you can back up your entire server from your Admin Tool and much more. In addition to the actual backup of the server, there are also options for database and mailbox backup. You can easily install the Acronis Backup Extension via Plesk and then connect to our backup cloud. With the simple plug-in for Plesk, the Acronis software installation provides you with a comprehensive administration environment. If you have a Plesk Pro license, you can create subusers. If these sub-users have their own websites or mailboxes, you can enable access to backup for these users. Learn more about our Server Panel Backup and back up your server environment including databases and mailboxes!

For the administration of your backups we provide a user interface. With myCybercloud, you have all your backups at a glance and can manage multiple devices on this platform. In addition, Acronis software offers a large repertoire of additional settings such as notifications when a backup is pending or finished. There is no limit to disk space and the backup plan requires the Acronis Backup Client to be installed. After the installation, the target device and MyCybercloud connect to each other. After that, all functions in the user interface will be available to you, such as creating, modifying, customizing back-up plans, and much more. For general questions, our staff will be happy to advise you via the contact form.

Never again data loss

With Cloud Backup Admin Tool you protect your servers from data loss and rely on high security. All your server data is backed up in the high-availability data centers of myLoc managed IT AG.

Incremental & differential backups

With the Cloud Backup Server solution, you can perform incremental and differential backups at any time, saving changes since the last backup. This allows you to reduce both backup time and network load.

Data Centers made in Germany

All cloud backup services are provided exclusively in myLoc managed IT AG's own data centers in Germany. Our data centers are certified according to ISO 27001 and offer a high security standard.

AES-256 Bit Encryption

When creating your backups, you can always create an AES-256 encryption key to store your backups according to industry standards. The data of the cloud infrastructure in the data centres of myLoc managed IT AG are also encrypted, so that we can offer you the highest security standard.

Multiple destinations

With the Cloud Backup Admin Tool product you can not only backup your data in the cloud, but also select additional target folders via the simple user interface. This allows you to store backup data in up to three different locations and set flexible recovery points. Local hard disks and network storage can also be selected as destinations.

Simple administration

Easy management through Cloud Backup Management lets you conveniently and easily add and manage your servers for backup plans. Each backup plan can easily be customized. You can select the type of backup, create a schedule, and set the storage destination of the backup.

Are you looking for a Backup for your Hypervisor?

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