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Cloud Backup Server

Cloud Backup Server

€ 14.99 per month

Cloud Backup Server

The product

  • 1 server per product license
  • 200 GB storage space included
  • Each additional GB for 0,05 € per month
  • Data backup in Germany
  • Incremental & differential backups
  • Compatible with Windows & Linux
€ 14.99 per month

Are you looking for a backup solution for your server? Then we have the right product for you. With the Server Backup from myLoc managed IT AG, you can conveniently back up your dedicated server and protect it from data loss. With automated backups, you no longer have to worry about backing up your server. If you ever lose all your data on the server, you can use the recovery function to restore the entire system. In addition, you can choose between incremental and differential backups and choose the backup option that best suits your data infrastructure. All your data is hosted in our ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany.

Backups are one of the most important security aspects in information technology. The server backup product of myLoc managed IT AG offers exactly this desired security for your server infrastructure. The simple administration interface of the Acronis Backup Cloud allows you to create, plan and manage your server backups. With the Cloud Backup Server products from myLoc managed IT AG, you can backup your server regardless of the storage space, as we do not set any storage limits for your backup. You can connect your server to our backup cloud solution in just a few steps. This requires an installation of the Acronis Backup Client on the server. After that all functions are available and you can start planning, modifying and customizing your backup plans.

Never again data loss

Never allow all your data to be lost again. Secure your server with the usage of backups. With the easy-to-use interface of our server backup products, you can easily configure all your backup-plans.

Incremental & differential backups

With the Cloud Backup Server solution you can always perform incremental and differential backups, and thus save the changes since the last backup. This allows you to reduce both backup time and network traffic.

German Data Centres

All backup cloud services are provided exclusively in myLoc managed IT AG's own data centers in Germany. Our data centers are certified according to ISO 27001 and offer a high security standard.

AES-256 bit encryption

By creating of your backups, you can always create a AES-256 key for encryption in order to save your backups industry standard. The data of the cloud infrastructure in the data centers of myLoc managed IT AG are also encrypted, so that we can offer the highest safety standards.

Multiple destinations

With the Cloud Backup Server product you can not only protect your data in the cloud, but also select the simple interface further destination folder. This allows you to perform the storage of backup data at up to three different places and put flexible recovery points. As a goal to this, also local hard drives and network storage can be selected.

Simple administration

By the simple administration via the Cloud Backup Management you can easily and simply add and manage your server for backup plans. Every backup plan can be decorated easily and individually. Here you can select the type of backup, create a shedule and also specify the storage destination of the backup.

Are you looking for a backup for your smartphone? 

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