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Cloud Backup Workstation

Cloud Backup Workstation

€ 6.99 per month

Cloud Backup Workstation

The product

  • 1 workstation per product license
  • 100 GB storage space included
  • Each additional GB for only 0.05 € per month
  • Data backup in Germany
  • Incremental & differential backups
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac
  • Simple user interface
€ 6.99 per month

Looking for a backup solution for your workstation? With myLoc.de's Workstation Backup you can back up your entire workstation with ease. Of course you can choose between full backups or incremental/differential backups. This means you can back up the entire workstation but also individual folders or hard drive contents. You only need a PC (personal computer) with a desktop operating system and the Acronis Backup Client. This backup solution is designed for both Windows and Mac computers. All of your backup plans and configurations are consolidated into a single myCybercloud user interface. With this simple interface, you can maintain your backup plans. In addition, more extensive settings are available if you want to further customize your backups. This includes, for example, notifications that you receive as soon as a backup is due or has been completed. Back up your Windows or Mac PC now with Workstation Backup!

With the Workstation Backup you can freely determine where you want to back up your data. You can choose between local, network or cloud backup. This allows you to set additional restore points to restore your workstation at any time. With further features like disk imaging backups you have the possibility to backup your workstation including operating system and settings. For communication between your workstation and myCybercloud, you need the Acronis Backup Client installed on the workstation. For general questions, our staff will be happy to advise you via the contact form.

Never again data loss

With Cloud Backup Workstation your server is protected against data loss and put on high security. All your server data is backed up in the high-availability data centers of myLoc managed IT AG.


myLoc has sought the help of its partner Acronis for this product line. In cooperation with Acronis, we always have a team available for the backup infrastructure. As one of the leading providers of data protection, we are always ready to work with Acronis. You can back up all your backups in the cloud as well as locally or on the NAS.

German Data Centres

All cloud backup services are provided exclusively in myLoc managed IT AG's own data centers in Germany. Our data centers are certified according to ISO 27001 and offer a high security standard.

AES-256 bit encryption

By creating of your backups, you can always create a AES-256 key for encryption in order to save your backups industry standard. The data of the cloud infrastructure in the data centers of myLoc managed IT AG are also encrypted, so that we can offer the highest safety standards.

Cloud Backup Infrastructure

Together with our partner HPE, we rely exclusively on branded hardware and operate all cloud infrastructures on this hardware. You can always be sure that all your cloud backups are running on highly reliable servers.

Easy management of backups

By the simple administration via the Cloud Backup Management you can easily and simply add and manage your server for backup plans. Every backup plan can be decorated easily and individually. Here you can select the type of backup, create a shedule and also specify the storage destination of the backup.

Are you looking for a backup for your server?

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