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The shared private cloud is a more cost efficient alternative to the dedicated private cloud. In contrast to the private cloud solution, the shared private cloud solution does not include the entire cost of the hardware infrastructure, so you can use your own private cloud in the German data center at low cost. Use our shared private cloud solution based on our private cloud platform and keep control of your resources at all times.

With our shared private cloud infrastructure as a service offers, you can scale your cloud at any time and without restrictions. Through the simple web interface you can easily create, manage and remove your virtual machines. You can also connect your virtual instances to dedicated network resources.

Another advantage of your new shared private cloud solution is that we save you long lead times in deployment and higher costs. For this private cloud solution you can plan with fixed costs and at the same time act flexibly within the private cloud platform at any time. If your private cloud environment needs to be expanded, this can be done within minutes.


Just as flexible as your private cloud solution, the server infrastructure is also flexibly scalable.

Personal contact

For your private cloud, we are personally available to you with fixed contact persons from the accounting and technology departments.

Managed cloud service

We take care of your cloud infrastructure and set it up for you according to your requirements.

Branded hardware

Your shared private cloud is deployed on hardware from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the latest Intel Xeon Gold processors.

ISO 27001 data center

Your private cloud is delivered in our own ISO 27001 data centers.

Cost security

You have fixed and predictable costs for your base load and can still scale flexibly at any time.

pixel VIP Cloud S pixel VIP Cloud M pixel VIP Cloud L
Total number of vCores pixel 20 pixel 40 pixel 60
Total RAM pixel 80 GB DDR4 pixel 160 GB DDR4 pixel 240 GB DDR4

Hot tier memory total

pixel 500 GB pixel 1,000 GB pixel 1,500 GB
Cold tier memory total pixel 1,000 GB pixel 2,000 GB pixel 3,000 GB
Network connection pixel 1,000 Mbit pixel 1,000 Mbit pixel 1,000 Mbit
Internal IP network pixel /27 IPv4-network pixel /27 IPv4-network pixel /25 IPv4-network
External IP network pixel /28 IPv4-network pixel /27 IPv4-network pixel /26 IPv4-network
Recommended number of VMs pixel 10 pixel 20 pixel 30

Setting up the Private Cloud

yes yes yes

License costs included

yes yes yes

Management of the infrastructure

yes yes yes

We will find the right solution!

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