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SAP LogoFor many years, myLoc managed IT AG has been operating professional cloud hosting environments, on which business-critical applications as well as non-critical applications run for enterprise companies. With SAP® software solutions in the myLoc Private Cloud and our know-how, we are expanding our product portfolio in the area of cloud hosting for enterprise customers.

Together with you, we create an IT infrastructure that is scalable, reliable and high-performing. The SAP® software operation in the Premium Cloud of myLoc managed IT AG is based on the following pillars:

SAP®-Solution in the Private Cloud

With the SAP®-Software hosting services you can move an existing SAP®-system infrastructure together with non-SAP®-components to our private cloud infrastructure.

Tier IV data center in Dusseldorf

From January 1st, 2023, in addition to the implementation in ISO 27001 certified data centers, we will be able to offer you a SAP®-platform for hosting environments in the Tier IV data center in Düsseldorf.


SAP S/4HANA® is the fourth generation ERP software solution from SAP® and the successor to the previous product SAP ECC®. We are happy to operate your S/4HANA®-landscape in our German data center.

SAP®-Software as hybrid solution

The implementation of a hybrid SAP®-Environment is also possible at any time. With this solution you operate the infrastructure of your SAP®-Environment yourself and myLoc takes care of the basic SAP®-Software operation.

Technical migrations and upgrade services

We support you with the migration of your SAP®-Environment and carry out important upgrades for you. This allows you to concentrate on your core business as usual.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Upon request, we will work out a disaster recovery and business continuity plan with you. In addition to maximum availability, short recovery times are available in case of an emergency.

With SAP®-Software hosting you can move an existing SAP®-System together with non-SAP® components to our private cloud infrastructure. myLoc managed IT offers the entire infrastructure, operating system, database and SAP®-Software basic administration as a full service. Data storage takes place exclusively in Germany and data security is treated in accordance with German law. Your services are operated in the data centers of myLoc managed IT in accordance with ISO 27001 guidelines. SAP®-Software hosting in the outsourcing model enables companies to influence their SAP®-Applications and at the same time reduce operating expenses. SAP®-Software hosting is particularly suitable for medium-sized and large enterprise companies.

Full migration

Would you like to move your SAP®-Environment? With the myLoc solution, you can migrate your entire SAP®-Landscape, including non-SAP®-Systems, to our private cloud. There is also the option of implementation hosting. In this way, for example, a new S/4HANA® introduction or transformation can be carried out.

Services according to ITIL

In accordance with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, today's standard in the field of IT service management, the SAP professionals of myLoc managed IT offer the shortest possible response times to your suggestions, coupled with quick internal decision-making processes for efficient collaboration.

Hosted in Germany

All Premium Cloud solutions of myLoc managed IT are hosted in our own data centers in Germany.These are fully redundant, ISO 27001 certified and are networked with each other with dark fiber. myLoc can also provide georedundancy at distances of over 10 km for protection against a disaster in our own data centers.


myLoc managed IT supports the operation of SAP ECC 6.0® and other SAP®-Applications on many databases. The current platform SAP S/4HANA® - even after transformation in the brownfield or greenfield approach - is also fully supported technically. Furthermore, we can provide technical support for your SAP®-Implementation project from the first development system to the go-live of the production system in all project stages.



Focus: Core competence

The establishment and maintenance of a SAP®-Basis requires a multifaceted scope of knowledge. The myloc IT professionals take all the necessary precautions so that your SAP®-Cloud runs smoothly and is always up-to-date.

This allows your IT department to concentrate on the company's core competencies and save time as well as your resources. Contact our SAP®-Professionals now for an initial introductory meeting.

Setup in our Data Center

The structure is shown in the graphic opposite schematically. This example deals with a geo-redundant solution for SAP®-Hosting in the private cloud. The systems in the Premium Cloud Infrastructure are virtualized using hypervisor technology. Hardware firewalls are inserted in front of the entire internal cloud infrastructure. In addition, both the network and the power supply are completely redundant.

In addition, if necessary, backups can be stored in a third, also independent data center in order to further minimize the risk of data loss.


Enquire more information!

Would you like to find out more about the SAP®-Hosting in the Private Cloud? Contact our SAP®-Specialists easily and conveniently using the contact form on this page. With years of experience and expertise, we will find a solution for your company. We look forward to getting to know you for the first time.


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