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1,000 Mbps connection

All dedicated servers are deployed with a connectivity of 1,000 Mbps. Your new dedicated server will provide you with 1,000 MBit of traffic for fast data exchange for your dedicated server. We guarantee a bandwidth of 300 Mbit for your project

Server hardware

The new dedicated server range has been created on the basis of the new Gen9 generation from Hewlett Packard. They are equipped with the latest Intel® Xeon® and the brand new DDR4 RAM. That means you can rely on the latest hardware for maximum performance. You can find more about the Gen9 generation here.

HDD or SSD hard drives

You have a free choice of whether you rent your dedicated server with SSD or HDD drives. Fast SSDs are a must these days, so you can always order your dedicated server with fast SSD hard drives and get the full I/O performance of 94,000 IOPS. If you need more space, we recommend the HDD hard drives for your dedicated server.

Customer Control Panel

Using our central customer management, you have the ability to easily manage your dedicated server. You can get an overview of your contracts there and have the option to reboot, reinstall, or if necessary to start in rescue mode. You can also book IP addresses or entire IP networks and set RDNS records for this. Domain registration and SSL certificate ordering is also possible.


We achieve our high level of customer satisfaction through our high-quality service. We have our own personnel available for you 24/7. Our competent technical specialists will take care of your individual problem and efficiently bring about a solution. With the hosting solutions, you are therefore never alone and always have professional assistance.

Remote management

All of our dedicated server products feature a free remote management interface. Therefore, you will always keep full control over your server and can administrate it yourself it fully as if you were on-site. All actions performed can be logged and evaluated so that any changes can be easily traced.


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See the benefits of the features of our dedicated servers? Then rent the right dedicated server for you now with the latest hardware at the best price. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

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