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The myLoc managed IT AG offers you affordable VPSs and root serves for leasing. The question is, what is the difference between the myLoc managed IT AG VPSs and the root servers?! We’ll explain to you the points where a VPS and a root server are the same, as well as the characteristics where they differ. Where is the difference between the root server and VPS? What do these two servers have in common. Learn more!



If you are reading or talking about a VPS, it is a virtualized server that is hosted on a dedicated host system. There are several virtual servers (instances) on this host system that can be made available to multiple customers. Of course, you lease the VPS just for you, no sharing with any other customers. Only the main host system is shared with other customers.

With your VPS you receive guaranteed virtualized resources in the area of ​​vCores, RAM, and SSD storage. With myLoc, you can also choose between the type of virtualization. Behind the terms of CT and VM the technique is concealed in which the VPSs are virtualized on the dedicated host system. Learn more about virtualization and full virtualization here. The VPS is offered with Windows or Linux operating system. The largest myLoc VPS has 8 vCores, 16 GB of RAM and 500 GB SSD of memory.

Available starting at 4,99 € per month

The Root Server

The root server combines the best components of a virtual server (VPS) and a dedicated server. In this case, the resources in the area of the CPU and the RAM are also virtualized, whereas the root server has full access to the dedicated hard disks on the dedicated host system. This gives customers the best performance and faster access to memory than a VPS. The number of customers on a host system is much lower, this is why root servers can be offered with higher performance.

When you lease a root server, you can choose between SSD and HDD hard disks, as well as Linux or Windows operating systems. The strongest performance-powered myLoc root server is offered with 16 cores and 32 GB RAM with either 3 x 2,000 GB HDD or 3 x 960 GB SSD hard disks.

Available starting at 19,99 € per month

When is a VPS or root server recommended?

A VPS is recommended when customers no longer have sufficient webspace with web-hosting providers or the volume of users on their website becomes too large and therefore more resources are needed. You can also use a VPS as a first step for a larger number of websites or as a small mailserver. Basically a VPS is an ideal medium between a web hosting package and a root server. In addition, you can run several different applications on a VPS, such as your own web servers, database servers, mail servers or team-speak servers.

The root server is recommended when you need a lot more resources than what a VPS can provide and when fast data access is required. Especially for large communities or a website with many data accesses, it is recommended to switch from a VPS to a root server. Faster data access can be guaranteed due to the dedicated hard disks with root servers, compared to VP

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