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The myLoc VPS Servers can be ordered free of charge with Windows or Linux operating systems and offer full root access. You can use your virtual server with various, always up-to-date Linux systems like CentOS, Debian, openSUSE or Ubuntu, Fedora or Windows operating systems such as Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016 or the new Windows Server 2019. Learn more about the operating systems of the vServers from myLoc.de.

VPS with Windows Server

For experienced Windows users, we recommend using vServers with Windows servers. The Windows server versions 2012, 2016 and 2019 are available free of charge to rent for the vServers. You can also order the edition Windows Server 2019 for your VPS. myLoc offers the available Windows operating systems free of charge. For Windows you can also order the Plesk admin tool, which helps you manage your web space with associated email accounts and databases with your virtual server.

VPS Server with Debian

Rent your vServer with Debian now and rely on the most popular distribution of Linux applications. Debian GNU/Linux is a proven community distribution that is entirely based on open source and it has a superior package management, on which the sophisticated and stable software can be installed easily. The configuration of the software takes place almost exclusively via configuration files. You get Debian installed on your server automatically after the order. Learn more about Debian here.

VPS Server with Ubuntu

Decide now to get the virtual server with Ubuntu and benefit from the friendly and helpful Ubuntu community. The Linux distribution Ubuntu is software further developed and supported by the company Canonical, the aim of which was to make Debian more simple and up-to-date. Due to its simple and efficient operation, Ubuntu advanced within a very short time to become one of the world's most popular Linux distributions and enjoys great popularity among the virtual servers. Should you get no help with specific problems in the public Ubuntu community, Canonical also provides professional support.

VPS Server with openSUSE

OpenSUSE vServers enjoy great popularity, particularly among developers and users of server or desktop systems. Development of this system began as early as the mid of 1990s and it resulted in the most popular Linux distribution available on the German market. OpenSUSE is a community project, which promotes development and thus offers a good insight into the professional Linux distributions of the future. With YaST, openSUSE provides a centralised configuration tool, which cannot be found in any other distribution. Thanks to the configuration tool and its reputation, openSUSE is one reason to use a vServer with openSUSE as its operating system.

VPS Server with CentOS

You should use the virtual servers with CentOS if you want stability and enterprise compatibility! The CentOS project aimed to create a Linux environment that is 100% compatible with the enterprise distribution of Red Hat. The acronym stands for Community Enterprise Operating System and is oriented around the distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) that provides compatibility for RHEL-certified software. Professionally produced closed-source applications on Linux vendors are generally suitable products for RedHat and these can be used easily on a CentOS system.


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