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Cloud Server - Individual projects need individual resources

Düsseldorf, April 25, 2016. myLoc managed IT AG is expanding its public cloud based on HPE Helion OpenStack with elastic cloud servers. The cloud servers of myLoc provide high-performance and freely scalable virtual instances, which are hosted in the ISO 27001 certified German data centres of myLoc.

Thanks to triple replication of data and broadband DDoS protection, the cloud servers of myLoc have a particularly high level of security and a guaranteed availability of 99.95%.

"We are pleased to take the next step in the development of the German public cloud of myLoc with our cloud server product. Based on our public cloud we have the possibility to realize solutions for individual IT projects within hours", explains Christoph Herrnkind, CEO of myLoc and responsible for product development.

The decision to implement the public cloud on the basis of OpenStack was already made three years ago at myLoc. The reasons for the OpenSource project were, apart from the outstanding community, above all the extensive and well documented OpenStack API, which is fully available to myLoc customers. A deployment of hundreds of virtual instances is possible within seconds.

"myLoc offers first-class public cloud services for the German market based on state-of-the-art HPE server, storage and network infrastructure as well as Helion Openstack. This guarantees the highest flexibility and independence that a modern service provider requires," explains Robert Wigger Vice President, HPE Service Provider Business EMEA.

Right from the start, myLoc offers two models, in the form of a pay per use (starting from 1.5 cents per hour) and a flat rate model (starting from € 9.00 per month). In the pay per use model, billing is based exclusively on consumption on an hourly basis. In the flat rate model, the customer books a fixed number of resources for a monthly period and receives a discount of more than 25%. Both billing models are available to the customer in the self-service portal of myLoc, which also offers the possibility of white-label reselling.

"Further proof that local service providers can launch competitively priced public cloud services without having to shy away from international competition," says Robert Wigger of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The next step will be the introduction of the HPE Helion Development Platform based on CloudFoundry, which provides an excellent environment for the development and operation of applications.

If you want to learn more about the public cloud of myLoc, the myLoc team is at your disposal 24/7: https://www.myloc.de/en/company/contact.html

Pictures for the press release can be found under: https://www.myloc.de/en/company/download.html

About myLoc managed IT AG

myLoc operates ISO 27001 certified data centres in Düsseldorf with space for over 30,000 servers. In the world's largest Lampertz high-security cell, sensitive systems of major customers, including banks, insurance companies and ISPs, are protected against external influences. myLoc offers these individual services since 1999.

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